Our Synthetic grass is priced on area m2 – square metres or lineal metres. You can choose from our wide range of products; from budget to premium, from general to special use. Consider the amount of money you will save on maintenance, mowing, weeding and watering your old lawn. We can supply or supply & install your synthetic grass.

Our synthetic lawn is made with the highest quality products and come with a manufacturers warranty against fading from the suns UV rays. The grass product should ideally last, depending on traffic, around 15 or more years. Similar to carpet, the more traffic the more wearing will occur.

Once installed, your synthetic grass will require minimal maintenance. Occasionally you may need to rake off the leaves or brush up the filaments with a hard bristle broom.

In a world where fierce competition from developing economies has almost wiped out Australian manufacturing, Grassman flies the flag proudly for Australian OWNED and MADE. Grassman is a world recognised icon in the synthetic turf industry for over 30 years and prides itself on the manufacturing of the highest quality synthetic turf products that meet the standards expected in Australia and many other countries world-wide. Grassman is also the only company in Australasia with its own extrusion plant which enables control over the materials that are used in the products. This is where Grassman takes the extra step to ensure that all raw materials are tested to prevent any toxic materials being used in our products. Along with the yarn all other materials used in Grassman products are tested to meet all Australian safety standards to ensure safe and environmentally friendly products. Grassman have been manufacturing synthetic grass for over 30 years and the experience makes it a leader in development and innovation within the industry. All of Grassman products are NON-CARCINOGENIC and both LEAD and HEAVY METAL FREE.

Being an Australian company Grassman’s knowledge of the UV conditions we experience has enabled the development of synthetic grass that is able to withstand the UV and heat exposure, the highest in the world – whilst imported products just cannot and fail after a year or two. Grassman continues to fight this trend and remains price competitive whilst not sacrificing quality and ensuring all Grassman synthetic turf products are 100% SAFE.

Grassman Press Release 27/1/2012 Herald Sun. Read

Synthetic grass is child and pet friendly. Strict testing is carried out on all our products to ensure there are no metals or hazardous elements contained in our products. If your pets use the grass as a toilet, just as you would do with paving, pick it up and hose it off clean.

Our turf products are made with polypropylene or polyethelene filaments stitched to a tough dual layer, rubber and latex woven backing.

The backing component of all our synthetic grass products has a perforated base to allow the water to drain through. These perforation holes are spaced to allow the water to dissipate at a similar rate to natural lawn.

Depending on your location, we offer on-site consultation to take into consideration design options and assess specific installation needs of the property.
Any existing grass or paving within the proposed landscaped area will need to be removed and a compacted base installed. Artificial grass can then be laid onto the compacted base. Any joins are sealed with joining tape and secured with pins at a minimum of 300mm centre spacings around all edges and joins.
Fine filling sand is brushed into the artificial grass to help keep the blades upright and to weigh it down.

Invigorated can also supply the complete service and take care of all the physical work. This means you get a quick and professional installation by our accredited installers without any hassles.

Residential installations of up to 50 m2 can usually be completed in a day or two day depending on access, site preparation and design.

Remove the solids and then hose down the grass. Hose it down at least once a week where your pet usually urinates. This will typically clean and deodorize the synthetic turf.

All our synthetic grass products have a 7 year warranty with the exception of the Club 40 tennis surface which has a warranty of 8 years.

Synthetic grass rolls come in 3.72 metre widths and up to 20 metres in length (74.4sqm total). The width does not vary but we can cut the length to size. Always allow 300mm extra for each measurement to ensure movement at either end. Synthetic grass is typically installed with an infill such as sand or rubber; check the product specifications for the recommended amount per square metre.

Synthetic grass joining tape is required wherever the synthetic turf joins up to another piece of synthetic turf. Simply add up the lineal metres of where your joins are to calculate the required amount.

If you design your own area, it is most cost effective to keep the measurements as close to 3.72m as possible. Example: 3.72m, 7.44m, 11.16m. This means you will reduce the amount of wastage.
Curves and unusual shapes will require more joins and more wastage which you will need to factor in when working out your measurements.

Try our synthetic grass area calculator to provide an indication of the turf required for your project.

No, we don’t recommend installing it over sand because the sand will eventually shift which may cause “a wavy appearance” in the synthetic turf.

We recommend installing the synthetic grass over at least 60mm of crushed rock sub base and 20 mm of a finer crushed rock for an even finish.

No. Our products have a UV protection coating and can withstand the damaging effects of sun, heat, wind, snow, and ice.

Some types of weeds may seed in the artificial grass infill sand but these are simply removed by pulling out or by raking. So, in general terms, weeds are not a problem and certainly not to the extent that occurs in grass or paving.

To access the relevant area, simply cut your artificial grass and roll it back. It is easily sealed and pegged back into place when the work is completed.

The blades and backing of our artificial grass are non-absorbent. To keep your grass looking its best, it is best to remove any spillage as soon as possible. Liquids such as beer, wine, juices or soft drinks are not a major problem and can easily be wiped or hosed off with cold water or, if these persist, with warm soapy water.
In a worst case scenario and if there is permanent damage to the turf from a spillage such as acid, a new piece can be installed to replace the affected section.

We place great emphasis on proven quality and durability. Our products are made with superior materials and to precise standards by Grassman, one of the world’s largest synthetic turf manufacturers. With more than 35 years’ experience, the products are used in many prestigious colleges, homes, resorts, schools and for government, councils and backyards across the world.

Artificial grass may become hot due to very high temperatures and long hours in direct sunlight. It does however cool quickly when in shadow or becomes wet. In comparison, hard surfaces like concrete and paving will retain heat for hours. In similar hot conditions, natural turf will dry out, brown off and even die. You are unlikely to be spending a lot of time on your lawn in such extreme conditions.

Over the past few years there has been a growing trend for suppliers of synthetic turf to purchase their products from developing countries, such as China. The main reason is due to price. Concern for health risks has risen as there are no controls over the manufacturing process or the sourcing of raw materials. These may be toxic and could place adults, children and pets at risk of exposure. Another risk associated with these cheaper imported products is the manufacturer’s lack of standing behind their product. If a product does fail there is little or no support in relation to warranty or guarantees and then you as the customer are left with a faulty product and nowhere to turn.

Imported products also impact heavily on our local manufacturing industry. There is generally no support or tender preference for Australian manufactured products and many projects are simply offered to the lowest bidder, without a check on quality or origin of goods. The supplier may be an Australian company but the question, “where is the synthetic turf manufactured?“, needs to be asked.  It is the buyer, mainly Governments, Councils and Schools who are putting our children at risk by simply trying to save a few dollars. We need to be concerned over where synthetic grass is manufactured and whether it is in fact manufactured in Australia to Australian standards.

Grassman Press Release 27/1/2012 Herald Sun. Read

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