Backyard sports

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Backyard Sports

Transform your backyard today and create a play area your whole family can enjoy. We install sports orientated synthetic turf to provide the ultimate all weather fun filled play arena for younger and older children to enjoy.

  • It provides a safe place to play early and late.
  • It's ready to play on whenever they are
  • You can play all types of ball sports
  • It's useable all year from winter to summer
  • Kids can play on it immediately after heavy rain
  • Makes a great surface to host friends and parties
  • Pet friendly
  • Low maintenace

Play Almost Anything

Join the fun playing a host of sports and games:

  • cricket
  • soccer
  • frisbee
  • football
  • basketball
  • rugby
  • tennis
  • bowls
  • golf
  • and so many more....

Consider including fixtures like a basketball hoop and boundary netting. Sports shops supply a range of great backyard sports equipment like soccer goals, mini tennis rackets, low compression balls, netball and basketball hoops.

We would love to help you build your backyard sports area!

Have fun!