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Our synthetic grass range suits a wide variety of landscaping uses. Consider a lush long pile turf with the look and feel of high quality natural grass or a shorter pile for high traffic areas.

The Perfect Choice!

Synthetic grass is an excellent choice:

  • Ideal and safe for children and pets
  • Natural looking alternative to real grass
  • Soft under foot
  • Year round green grass
  • No mowing, watering or fertilizing
  • No surface water or mud
  • Avoid allergies caused by natural grass seeds and cuttings
  • No grass stains
  • Add grass where real grass won't grow
  • Made to Australia’s strict safety regulations
  • 7 Year warranty

With our manufacturer's 35+ years of experience and innovation, we proudly supply and install synthetic grass made especially for the Australian climate with excellent durability and a 7 year warranty.

We supply synthetic grass for landscaping manufactured by Grassman.