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Premium waterless lawn – Dual Monofilament/Thatch Root Zone.

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Product Description

Premium waterless lawn – Dual Monofilament/Thatch Root Zone.


Pile height:
The height of the filaments from the base
40 mm
Colour: Meadow/Olive/Brown
Roll width: 3.72 m
Roll length: Custom
Infill type: Washed and dried sand
Infill: 20 kg per sqm - guide only
Stitch rate:
The number of stitches in a line per metre
220 per metre
Warranty: 7 years
Made in: Australia

Extra Charges

  • Plus $30 bailing (packaging and handling fee per roll).
  • All rolls are available in widths of 3.72m only.
  • Cutting charge - $65 flat rate.
  • 15% non-standard colour surcharge (subject to availability).
  • Prices include GST.


Our grass products are natural, safe, lead & heavy metal free, eco friendly and made in Australia for Australian conditions. We warn buyers to beware of cheap imports. Products may look the same but may not contain safe raw materials or contain the highest standard of UV inhibitors – these products will fail in our harsh Australian environment.

About the Manufacturer

This product is proudly manufactured by Grassman.

Standing the test of time, Grassman started the synthetic turf industry in Australia in the late 1970’s and have a proud and successful history of manufacturing the finest quality synthetic grass surfaces. “Innovation is our inspiration” – Gary Waterford, CEO & Founder of Grassman.

Grassman manufactures products that are installed worldwide in some of the most prestigious colleges, homes, resorts, schools and for government, councils and backyards. Grassman have patents and much intellectual property that keep them ahead of the field.

Grassman is a specialist synthetic turf manufacturer selecting only high quality, eco-friendly raw materials and processes in its manufacture. Quality control is assured through every aspect of our production and continues with the support of our highly qualified technical installation partners. We are continually innovating new updated manufacturing and installation techniques, always with the environment and safety our foremost criteria.

As industry leaders we have achieved many 'firsts';

  • First to manufacture synthetic grass in Australia
  • First in Australia to conduct research and development of raw materials and production technology specially for the manufacture of artificial grass
  • First to develop in-house research facilities and laboratories
  • First to be eligible for Research and Development grants
  • First to design and construct purpose-built systems for tennis courts
  • First to develop training programmes for plant and installation staff
  • First to market and sell Australian synthetic grass to international markets
  • First to create a facility for in-built lines as a integral part of the product surface
  • First to develop sand and rubber infill technology for football
  • First to research and develop a golfing green
  • First to develop and manufacture a synthetic turf hockey pitch in Australia
  • First to create jump out starts for dog racing and then complete a total dog race track
  • First to create a perfect, naturally responsive outdoor cricket pitch
  • First to create synthetic surfaces for indoor sporting stadiums
  • First to create, manufacture and install horse-racing turf
  • First to create a non-shrink synthetic grass surfaces
  • First to sell a superior manufactured grass back to USA (the original inventors of standard short pile turf)
  • First to have short-pile patented tennis grass Professional Bounce, approved to American Standards
  • First to develop and patent an artificial clay tennis surface and sell to France – the home of clay tennis courts

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Last updated: 21/11/2016


You can order synthetic grass in two ways. Either:

  • square metres (sqm).
  • lineal metres (lm) of a full width roll. Check the product's specifications for the width of the roll.


Care needs to be taken to order sufficent grass to cover the area:

  • If your synthetic grass design is regular in shape, like a square or rectangle, then calculating the quantity to order is a fairly simple length x width calculation.
  • If your design is an irregular shape, order sufficent grass to cover the area using minimal joins and minimal waste. Consider the width of the roll, where the joins will fall and the size of offcuts. Offcuts can be used to fill in gaps but must be orientated in the same direction as originally laid, so the natural nap matches surrounding grass.

Area Calculator Tool

Our area calculator tool can help you get started with your design. Then use a tape measure to confirm all measurements and calculate the area.

Warranty Terms

Grass Manufacturers Pty Ltd endeavor to use the highest quality materials and the latest manufacturing techniques in producing your synthetic grass surface. Our products are manufactured in Australia from quality raw materials and will not fade* nor fail** due to ultra-violet degradation or wear capacity for a seven year period from date of installation.

* Fade
- shall mean that significant loss or change of colour has occurred as distinguished from changes in texture – this relates to standard colours - Gum Tree Green, Terracotta and Tri-colour or white used as line marking. Any other colours - eg Lawn, Red, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, or any other colour are subject to differing “Fade” warranty periods due to the level of pigment affected by UV. Please ask for this to be clarified if you are using colours other than Gum Tree Green, Tri-colour, Terracotta or white lines.

** Fail
- shall mean that the pile height of the face yarn of the product shall have decreased a minimum of 50%, across the entire installed surface from the original pile height at the time of manufacture, as opposed to normal wear by physical abrasion.

*** Wear Capacity
- shall mean that over the entire grass surface the pile height of the face yarn of the product shall have decreased a minimum of 50% from the original pile height at the time of manufacture, provided that the installation has been carried out to the manufacturers’ recommendations and the surface has been used for the intended purpose and maintained according to manufacturers’ recommended procedure.


  1. Artificial turf must be installed over a sufficiently compacted, hard, level and smooth base. Failure to do so will result in damage to the product that will not be covered by warranty.
  2. 2. All seams must be secured with an approved solvent based adhesive.
  3. Grassman will not assume any responsibility for unsatisfactory installation resulting in damaged product.
  4. Regular grooming depending on usage is required to promote longevity of artificial turf
  5. Sand infill must be maintained at recommended levels at all times. Failure to do so will result in void warranty.
  6. Only flat soled shoes are to be worn on any surface with a pile height of less than 40mm. No studs or spikes allowed.
  7. Power machinery or heavy equipment must not be used, stored or driven over artificial turf unless approved by the manufacturer. Warranty will not cover any resulting damage.
  8. Chemicals must not come into direct contact with the turf. A chlorine solution diluted to one part per 20 is recommended for removal of any mould, weeds, algae or unpleasant odours and it must be thoroughly rinsed with clean water after cleaning.
  9. Warranty shall not apply if turf is removed and relocated.
  10. Warranty does not cover damage to turf from fire or other sources of extreme heat.
  11. Turf shall not be installed within 1 meter of any fence or wall which may have the potential to produce 'double radiation' which has been shown to cause significant damage to artificial turf. These include: glass, metal, colorbond fence etc. Care must also be taken to not place ANY objects onto the turf which have the potential to become hot or heat the turf.

Although Grass Manufacturers Pty Ltd is not responsible for nor warrant any installation workmanship or base-works, all product warranties are reliant on the base being of a suitable industry standard so as not to cause material wear or abrasion. The base must be a firm compacted base, preferably concrete or asphalt or D.U.C.C. Warranty provisions will not apply if the surface is used for purposes other than those specified in the warranty or if incorrect footwear or playing equipment is used on the surface. Nor if the damage is caused by smoking or any other chemical, physical or natural influence.

If all the above conditions are adhered to, Grass Manufacturers Pty Ltd will repair or replace material to sufficiently cover the area of any validated claim out of current lines of equivalent quality, exclusive of installation.
The owner is responsible for registering this warranty with Grass Manufacturers Pty Ltd for it to be considered valid. The owner must submit a copy of the purchase invoice obtained from the contractor which clearly displays that a Grassman product has been used in the installation. Warranty registration can be made via email:

Last updated: 21/11/2016
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